Our Experience

In 2010, we have started operating our business and today, it is been almost 10 years that we have been successfully fulfilling the business requirements of the customers. This has been possible with our thorough understanding of the market with the help of which we produce our remarkable items such as Fresh Blueberry, Frozen Red Shrimp, Organic Pistachio Nuts, Compressor Scrap, Whole Milk Powder, etc. Our customers are not only limited to just food & beverage sector but also belongs to medical, healthcare, dairy and various other industries.

Why Choose Us?

The most important factors which make our company, Global Trading Co. Ltd., unique from the others are as follows:
  • We concentrate on the needs of the clients and offer them the most appropriate solutions.
  • We obey all the rules and regulations when producing our outstanding products including Organic Pistachio Nuts, Whole Milk Powder, Frozen Red Shrimp, Compressor Scrap, etc. 
  • We offer our products at the most nominal prices.
  • We strive to maintain long-term business relations with all our clients. 

Serving Globally

Our products are not only supplied in Ukraine but all over the world because of their incredible quality and affordable rates. We have gained huge appreciation from the clients for the unmatched quality we offer to them and along with this, also known for ethical trade practices. Consistent quality improvement of the products is our main focus and through this, we want to expand our business all over the globe in the upcoming years.